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English summary

Kokava nad Rimavicou is situated on the southern edge of Slovenské Rudohorie, below Klenovský vepor (a hill) at the confluence of the river Rimavica and the river Kokavka. The village is on a crossroads of two transport routes: north-south and east-west. This give it an easy access to and from important social and business centres.
The village was founded at the end of the 15th century. It is first mentioned as far back as 1481 as Kokaua, then later in 1515 as Kokawa and since 1927 it has known as Kokava nad Rimavicou. In Hungarian it is called Kokova, Kokava and Rimakokava. The village of Kokava was granted first to the Forgáchs later to the Lossonczis, who built a glass factory for making sheet glass. It was operating until the end of the 1930s. The population in 1828 was 1929 inhabitants who lived in 237 houses. Two paper mills, a potash workshop and a steam timber mill were established there in  the middle of the 20th century. The village became a centre for industrial unrest. Glass factory workers went on strike in 1917, 1922, 1923, 1927 and 1928. There was an intense political movement among the unemployed in the 1930s. An illegal armed labour Red Troop was formed in 1942 and the local inhabitants participated in the SNP  / Slovak national uprising. Insurgents had a weapons store there and an army unit called Narcis had its headquarters there too. The village was graced with the rank of Red Star.
The population of the village according to the last census is 3,100. It is now a region with high unemployment so people have to travel to work to nearby towns.
Among the village monuments are  Evangelistic and Roman catholic churches and a Synagogue. There is an old Jewish cemetery on the edge of the village. It is now in need of restoration. The village is surrounded by the beautiful hills of Sinec, Varta and Diel, etc. They offer ideal conditions for summer and winter tourism.  Nearby is a holiday resort Kokava – Línia which offers several cottages and pensions with quality service for  their visitors as well as good skiing on several slopes in winter. Kokava nad Rimavicou is famous for its culture, traditions and folk music. A folk festival called Koliesko is organized annually. This year it is its 16th anniversary. It is also popular for inter-nation football matches called Memoriál Štefana Hronca. In the last few years a country festival „Country fest Kokava“  and gypsy festival „ Balvalfest“ have been organized in the village.

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Obec Kokava nad Rimavicou
Nám. mája č. 1
985 05 Kokava nad Rimavicou

IČO: 00 316 130
DIČ: 2021237097
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telephone: +42147/4293 101
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